An update on our

An update on our

An update on our Counting the Vote story

An update on our Counting the Vote story | 60 Minutes 01: 17

An update on a story called “Counting the Vote,” which we broadcast after the 2020 election. Bill Whitaker looked at how Pennsylvania election officials averted ballot box chaos during COVID — amid legal challenges, White House accusations and physical threats from Donald Trump supporters. Al Schmidt, Philadelphia’s lone Republican election commissioner called the turmoil “deranged.”

“Calls to our offices reminding us that this is what the Second Amendment is for, people like us,” Schmidt told Whitaker in the report.

“That’s a not-so-veiled death threat,” Whitaker said.

“Yes,” Schmidt said. “For counting votes in a democracy.” 

Ten days ago, Schmidt received the Presidential Citizens medal in a White House ceremony. And Pennsylvania’s incoming Democratic governor, Josh Shapiro, has named Republican Schmidt the state’s top election official, secretary of the commonwealth.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, anchor of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” has contributed to 60 Minutes since 2006. His exceptional reporting on big news events has earned Cooper a reputation as one of television’s pre-eminent newsmen.

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