An update on the Caldor Fire

An update on the Caldor Fire

An update on the Caldor Fire

An update on the Caldor Fire | 60 Minutes 01: 05

Now, an update on a story from October.  “What Happened at Grizzly Flats” investigated why a wildfire wiped out a California hamlet.

We found evidence of mismanagement by the U-S Forest Service, which had done little to mitigate the fire risk. It compounded the problem with its decisions once the fire approached. Candace Tyler lost her family ranch.

“The Forest Service has said they did all they could,” correspondent Bill Whitaker said to Tyler in the report.

“Your maps say, we’re going to burn. Your models show, we’re going to burn,” Tyler said. “But you’re not worried about it? Oh, you don’t have the resources? That’s a joke.”

This month, members of California’s Congressional delegation will meet with the Forest Service to hear an explanation.

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