Argentinian Singer Nathy Peluso Finished Off Her Tour in Epic Style


Throughout her Calambre tour, Peluso says fashion has played a pivotal role in bringing her artistic vision to the stage. Working with stylists Carolina Galiana and Laura Vandall, and hair and makeup artist Sandro Igon, the singer wanted her stage attire to pack a punch and tell a story. “Fashion is a state of mind, and for me a magical element to tell stories, to build characters, and to have fun,” says Peluso. “I like to make statements with my looks, to embrace the eclectic, and to push my own aesthetic boundaries while prioritizing being comfortable—because I dance and move a lot on stage.” In particular, she wanted her clothes to play between the masculine and feminine, and to experiment with different silhouettes and materials.

Some outfit highlights included full-leather looks from Emmerre Studio and a custom-made silver body suit. “I really wanted something silver so that the lights from the show reflected my every move,” says Peluso. “And the gloves were customized with, of course, Swarovski crystals.” Peluso even plotted out her rehearsal and after-party outfits, wanting to bring the drama 24/7. For her Madrid show, she did sound check in a Named Collective hoodie and sweatpants, and played dress-up in her dressing room wearing a red GCDS bodysuit and Palomo Spain faux-feather coat. “It was my Santa vibes outfit,” she says. Then, for the after-party, Peluso sported a sheer Jean Paul Gaultier dress. “You can’t go wrong with a JPG piece,” she adds. 

Now that she’s wrapped her world tour, Peluso says she will be taking some much-needed time for R&R. “It’s important for me to take some time to rest and recharge after a long tour,” she says. “That being said, my holidays will be relatively short this year, because I need to get back to finishing my new album. I plan on spending some quality time with my family and disconnecting from social media for a bit; I plan to take care of myself and make sure I’m in the right headspace to continue creating music.” When she does return, she’ll be bringing even more epic fashions. “I think we nailed it for this tour, and I can’t wait to build the aesthetic universe for my next performances.”

Below, a behind-the-scenes look at Peluso’s Calambre tour.

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