Desperate Search Underway for Two Missing Hikers in San Gabriel Mountains

Desperate Search Underway for Two Missing Hikers in San Gabriel Mountains
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Search-and-rescue operations are underway for two missing hikers in two different spots of the San Gabriel mountains.

One of the missing hikers has been identified as British actor Julian Sands, known for his role in the Oscar-nominated film, “A Room With a View.” The 65-year-old has been missing since he went hiking in the Mt. Baldy area last Friday, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

But the search efforts are currently limited because of the post-storm conditions in the mountains. San Bernardino County Sheriff’s spokesperson Gloria Huerta said crews are now mostly relying on helicopters and drones to locate Sands.

“Because of the risks of trail conditions in the area, we had to pull our rescue crew members off the mountains on Saturday evening,” Huerta said. “The conditions during the search were windy and icy, so it was too dangerous for them to be out there.”

Huerta said additional searches on the ground will be scheduled once weather improves.

Sands was an avid hiker, according to his friend and fellow actor Charles Shaughnessy.

“I know he’s a physical person., and he’s in good shape,” Shaughnessy described. “The waiting is the worst thing clearly. You just have to hold onto hope.”


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But authorities said even the most skillful mountaineers could find themselves in trouble in the treacherous conditions. They’re urging hikers to stay away from the icy hiking trails.

Another missing hiker is Hawthorne resident Bob Gregory. He has not returned home after he went hiking in the Crystal Lake area to the Windy Gap trail last Friday. His truck was found near the hiking trail on Saturday.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department is supporting the search-and-rescue effort to locate Gregory. The Hawthorne Police Department is expected to the lead the search operation.

Gregory is also an experienced hiker, according to his sister.