‘Destiny 2’ And The Case Of The Disappearing Characters


Destiny 2

Destiny 2

Something a bit…weird and unsettling is happening with Destiny 2 right now, and while I don’t want to spark some sort of mass panic, it does seem like it’s worth addressing.

This week, a post was surfaced on reddit from a player who claimed they had simply had one of their characters, and all its god rolled gear, wiped from existence.

This led to a whole lot of skepticism from the community, digging into this person’s profile, saying they had deleted a bunch of characters in the past, and they suspected this was some sort of fraud and post for attention.

That…does not seem to be the case. This situation was escalated to a point where Bungie tasked a whole team digging into this specific player’s lost character. Finally, yesterday, Community Manager Hippy chimed in with an update:

“Morning! We’ve got an update: Multiple teams dove into this and we did not uncover any evidence that other accounts or characters were affected.

Because this was a unique situation, we were able to come up with a one-time fix to restore the character. While we understand that players would like to be able to restore deleted characters whenever they’d like, this was an extremely complicated process that required a variety of teams and numerous hours to implement for a single account, but feedback for this feature has been noted.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help as we worked on a solution!”

Bungie has still not spelled out exactly what happened here, but it was not “this person deleted their character and lied about it” as Bungie would have wanted to make that clear.

And yet, even though they’re saying that this was a one-time, unique situation and no one else is in danger, it’s not 100% clear that’s true. Oftentimes things may look more isolated than they are. For instance, I remember like two weeks ago when DMG said progression loss on error codes was happening to only 1 in 250,000 players or something. It happened to me, and it was…definitely a lot more than that, which is why the API was shut down a second time to address it.

For this character deletion bug, I’ve heard whispers about people having this happen to them in the past. And right now, another post is rising up reddit about somehow who lost a Warlock during The Dawning with 800 hours on it.

Destiny 2


I have heard of a bug where after an error, you might log in to find a character that looks like they’ve been deleted, or the game reboots and takes you to the character select screen. This happened to me once a while ago, but it was usually fixed by just hard rebooting the game, and everything came back. This appears to be separate from that kind of issue, as these are players who waited for their characters to return, and they just…never did.

It’s certainly possible that like the Warlock originally did, this has happened to other people, and they just didn’t post about it, made a new character and moved on. Making a new character in Destiny is not the end of the world given that your vault items should still be there, but you do have to do annoying things like re-unlock stasis or regrind items you may have lost on that specific character. It’s bad, but you can overcome it. Many people delete characters just to remake their faces, after all.

And yet, if this really is not an isolated issue, it feels like Bungie is going to do some further investigation about this to ensure it doesn’t spread. I’ve heard about enough cases of this happening where it seems like more than “one guy had one weirdly specific problem,” and if we’ve seen anything in Destiny, it’s that small problems can sometimes spread and become big ones.

I’m not saying not to log into Destiny and play, as the chance of this happening feels impossibly remote if we’re talking about handful of cases among millions of players. And yet, it doesn’t feel like we do know the full extent of this, and maybe Bungie doesn’t either.

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