‘Destiny 2’ Is Giving Out Endgame Armor Mod Builds To All Players As Of Today


Destiny 2


Seemingly out of nowhere, Destiny 2 is suddenly making one of the most positive changes for the new/casual player experience that we’ve seen in some time. Bungie has announced that as of later today, all non-raid, non-Artifact combat mods will be unlocked for all players.

This includes standard mods like weapon loaders or ammo reserves, but most importantly the full suite of combat mods, including everything needed for all Charged With Light, Warmind Cell and Elemental Well builds.

Previously, Destiny 2 was locked into a bizarre system where Ada-1, a Tower vendor, would sell a couple new mods every day on a rotation. But it was randomized, and with so few offerings, she often went literal months without selling some essential piece of a build that players may have easily scooped up two years ago the season it was introduced, but there was no easy way to get it since then. Just this randomized vendor waitlist.

Now, that’s all changed. All mods are available for everyone, meaning all players will have the capability to craft endgame ready combat mod builds (albeit you still need high stat, masterworked armor for max potential). Lately, the most popular of these have been Elemental Well builds, but there are some elements of Charged with Light that remain useful and widely used. Warmind Cells got nerfed and never really recovered.

Apparently the reason this is happening now is that there are some significant changes to armor and armor mods coming with Lightfall. One curious thing about this announcement is that Bungie says “we want to give everyone a chance to enjoy all mods in their current state.”

Destiny 2


Their current state? It’s not exactly clear what that means. Are some mods being deleted? Heavily nerfed? Completely overhauled? Probably some mix of all of that, and we don’t yet know how drastically the entire mod system is being changed.

Two points of contention with the current mod system that many in the community hope to see changed are:

  • Mod Cost – Between mandatory stat mods and things like champion mods, you’re often left with few slots and energy to experiment with. Too many mods have far too high of a cost and as such, you have to pick only the most powerful mods and nothing else ever gets used. Hopefully there will be a wider range of mods you can feel like you can use under the new system, whether that’s broader access, or buffs to underused mods.
  • Elemental Affinity – Bungie has reduced elemental affinity swapping to a simple glimmer cost, but most people want it to go away altogether. The only real problem Bungie needs to solve here is the UI of so many mods available on each piece of gear if this happens, but given that we are heading into a new mod/loadout system, perhaps that will be possible. I’d be surprised if Elemental Affinity survived the upcoming changes.

In any case, this is a very, very good change by Bungie. Admittedly one that should have been made long before one month ahead of a huge overhaul, but it’s good it’s happening all the same, and I hope to see a lot more elemental wells on the ground going forward from everyone.

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