Final Preparations are Underway for the Rose Parade Floats

Final Preparations are Underway for the Rose Parade Floats

The 134th Rose Parade is one week away which means it’s officially “decorating week” which is also known as “crunch time” to get those iconic floats ready for Colorado Blvd.

The Fiesta Parade Float’s warehouse in Irwindale is where the first shipment of flowers just arrived.

All hands are on deck to get these massive floats ready for the parade route.

A little secret to the floats is how the floats are operated to travel down the street.

As the driver of a float you are low to the ground and frankly can’t see a thing in front of you.

There’s a small peep-hole where the driver will be able to see a red line on Colorado Blvd. and that’s how they stay on course.

In addition they have spotters who are riding on the float to direct them.

All the floats will be dressed up and decked out in vibrant flowers in just one week.

As for the Fiesta float is will have about 40,000 flowers on each float, vials will help preserve the flowers until the parade, there will be about 150,000 spectators joining to experience the floats and the tallest Fiesta float will be 32-feet tall.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the thousands of volunteers and the 10,000 hours they are dedicating to decorate.

A reminder that the parade will take place on Jan. 2 because of the traditional “never on Sunday” rule.