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HubSpot debuts ChatSpot generative AI tool

HubSpot debuts ChatSpot generative AI tool

Today, HubSpot introduced a new generative AI tool, ChatSpot. The new app, currently in alpha, combines technology from HubSpot’s own CRM with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 and Google Docs applications like Google Sheets and Google Slides, according to a video posted by HubSpot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah (see below).

This week, Salesforce also unveiled Einstein GPT, integrating ChatGPT functionality with their CRM, sales clouds and Slack.

ChatUX. The ChatSpot app aims at providing an easier way for users to work within HubSpot’s CRM using general language prompts. This technology, which Dharmesh calls “ChatUX,” can help users interact with the CRM and perform various marketing and sales functions in fewer steps.

CRM. Dharmesh shared several use cases for ChatSpot that applied to CRM and other use cases.

For example, if a user wants to add a contact to the CRM, all the user has to do is type this contact’s information into ChatSpot, instead of weeding through menus in the CRM.

The ChatSpot app can also provide answers to help with sales research, fielding questions about contacts that are located in specific markets, or organizations that are a specific size or are part of a specific industry.

Content. The ChatSpot app can generate emails and other messages that pull in contextual information about the company and contact the salesperson is addressing.

With a single click, the user can copy these messages into a clipboard to use in their preferred channel.

Reporting with ChatGPT data sets. While ChatSpot provides an easier natural language interface for accessing data within the HubSpot CRM, it also pulls in additional data sets through its integration with ChatGPT.

In generating a report on global markets, for instance, the user can add columns of data from ChatGPT about populations of countries and other data that isn’t in the CRM.

Why we care. This is an early look at some generative AI and chat functions that have the potential to cut down on a marketer’s repetitive tasks. As Dharmesh emphasizes in the video below, the content that ChatSpot generates for emails is a “first draft” intended for a human to build off of and proofread.

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