‘I Feel Like I'm Camping': Many SoCal Residents Still Without Power

‘I Feel Like I'm Camping': Many SoCal Residents Still Without Power

NBC4 continues to follow the impacts of Friday’s storm across Southern California as some homes and businesses are still without power.

LADWP and SoCal Edison have been working across the city and around the region doing their best to get lights back on for everyone.

They have been successful in restoring power late Sunday night on Avenue San Luis in woodland Hills but in some parts of Southern California the work continues.

“We heard a giant boom and then out lights went out,” said Michelle Kole, a Woodland Hills homeowner.

NBC4 first spoke with Kole over the weekend after a giant tree fell on her front lawn Friday night and a separate tree hit part of her home.

It’s not Monday and the trees have been removed but Kole’s power is still out.

“I feel like I’m camping because I do have a gas stovetop so I’m lighting the gas stovetop with a lighter and then I’m making food that you wouldn’t even think you can make on a stovetop,” Kole said.

Down the street another home has damage to their front fence and lawn. But the storm’s damage and power outages are not contained to a single neighborhood.

“No electricity, foods gone bad. It’s not been good,” said Michele Marotta, a Studio City Resident.

People who live on Arch Drove off of Ventura Blvd. in Studio City have also been without power since Friday night.

“The hallways are dark the stairwells are dark,” said Mark Prince, a Studio City resident.

LADWP said some of their outages were caused by flooding in the underground electrical systems but in many cases outages are due to strong winds toppling trees and power poles.

“My hope is that the elderly people, the children and we can just have power by the end of the day, today,” said Sanglui Azang-Njaah, a Studio City resident.

It’s been several days of work for power crews and there will be more work in the days ahead as some homes and businesses in Southern California hope the lights come back on soon.