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Jedidiah Duggar and wife Katey Nakatsu expecting baby No. 2

December 17, 2022 |

Jedidiah Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, announced on Friday they are expecting their second child together.

“We have been keeping a big secret from our friends and family for the past couple of months,” the couple captioned a video on YouTube.

“We are excited to share the announcement of baby #2 due in May [2023]!”

In the 13-minute video, Duggar, 23, and Nakatsu, 24, beamed with joy as they appeared in front of the camera.

“We have some news. Big news. This is the news guys,” Duggar shared as the camera panned to his wife’s sweatshirt, which read, “Joy to the world. Oh, and I’m pregnant.”

A selfie of Jedidiah Duggar and Katey Nakatsu.
Jedidiah Duggar and his wife, Katey Nakatsu, announced they are expecting baby No. 2.

They then shared throwback footage from a day after the pilot told her husband that she took two pregnancy tests.

Though the first one came back with a faint line, the second test gave a clear indication that she was, in fact, pregnant.

Viewers were then shown the moment the couple shared the news with members of their family at their Christmas party.

When the “Counting On” star had his father, Jim Bob Duggar, read his wife’s sweatshirt, the real estate agent laughed and asked, “Seriously? You are?”

Jedidiah Duggar and wife Katey Nakatsu holding a sonogram.
The “19 Kids and Counting” star and his wife shared their baby is due in May.

After Nakatsu told the patriarch that their announcement wasn’t an April Fool’s joke, he quipped, “Didn’t you just have one?”

Jedidiah’s mom, Michelle, had a similar response to her husband.

After reading Nakatsu’s sweatshirt out loud, she shouted, “Oh, you’re pregnant. You’re pregnant!” before giving her daughter-in-law a huge hug.

“What a wonderful Christmas,” Michelle added.

Jedidiah and Nakatsu announced on Instagram in September 2021 that they were expecting their first child together, a son they later named Truett Oliver Duggar.

However, the reality star and his wife were criticized for the reveal because it mocked COVID-19 amid the pandemic.

“She tested positive, but not for COVID,” Jedidiah wrote in the caption of the announcement. “And then there were 3. Baby Duggar. Spring ’22.”

The “cringey” caption remains unchanged.

Jedidiah and Nakatsu have been married since April 2021. They wed after dating for a year.

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