LAPD Chief Michel Moore appointed to second term

LAPD Chief Michel Moore appointed to second term

Chief Michel Moore will get another term leading the city’s police department after sailing through a commission vote on his reappointment.

Following a raucous series of public comment sessions, the L.A. Police Commission voted 5-0 on Tuesday to keep Moore as LAPD’s chief. That means he’ll get another five-year term leading one of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies.

Moore, a longtime LAPD commander who rose through the ranks of the department over a more than 40-year career, was first appointed to the job in 2018 by then Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Since then, Moore has presided over several crises in Los Angeles.

He led the department as thousands of its officers were getting sicked during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more recently, through an internal upheaval by some officers rejecting his program for getting all of them vaccinated.

Moore also was the chief when tens of thousands of residents marched in the streets following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers in 2020.

He was came under intense criticism for his comments during those protests equating looters to the officers who killed Floyd. For those comments, and for the numerous examples of LAPD officers using violence to quell the demonstrations, activists have for years called for his firing. But he also shepherded reforms for the department following the uprising: He required department-wide retraining in crowd control tactics and saw the department analyze its own failures during the protests through multiple after-action reports.

Despite his tumultuous tenure, the commission overwhelmingly approved Moore for five more years.

The process of reappointing Moore in 2023 was only briefly more complicated than past examples of L.A. chiefs getting rehired.

The commission’s vote for Moore would have come quickly after the December inauguration for Karen Bass, the city’s new mayor. But Bass asked the commission to delay their vote as she was building her new administration.

The delay gave the commission more time to allow public comment: Tuesday was the second hour-long session for members of the public to weigh in on the chief’s job so far.

Except for a few supportive callers, most of the commenters called for Moore to not be reappointed.

The City Council ultimately could overrule the commission’s vote but denying him the job would require the a two-thirds vote by the council.