Maluma’s New Song ‘La Reina’ Is All About Celebrating Women

Maluma’s New Song ‘La Reina’ Is All About Celebrating Women

Maluma wrote his new song “La Reina” in a musical camp, which was a time and place of very deep inspiration for the singer, songwriter, and actor. In an exclusive with Glamour Mexico, the artist, born Juan Luis Londoño Arias, says that he wanted to pay tribute to women for many years—and it was in that place where he found the most beautiful way to do it.

Read on for all the details about the release of “La Reina.”

¡Maluma nos muestra un avance de su nuevo video!CORTESÍA

Who inspired Maluma’s “La Reina”?

The talented singer had a very clear idea about his new project and took it upon himself to bring it to life in the most emotional way possible. That’s why in the music video you can find different women with their own very particular stories.

All of them are authentic, brave, independent, strong, and special, and demonstrate the power of diversity and sisterhood. The artist wanted to send a message of love with this song and to let all women know that they are beautiful inside and out.

¡Una reina empodera a todas las mujeres con sus acciones!CORTESÍA

When will Maluma’s “La Reina” be released?

The video will be released Thursday, March 9. We know you’re anxious to see it, so see the exclusive preview below. Don’t forget to have a box of tissues handy—it’s that emotional: