Meyers Says Trump Would Make ‘Awful Detective’ After Call to Raid White House: ‘There’s Dead Bodies in the Morgue – Call Homicide!’ (Video)


”If there’s anywhere a classified document should be, it’s the White House,“ Meyers mocked

Seth Meyers still can’t believe that Trump and his allies are calling for an FBI raid of the White House, after it was revealed this week that President Joe Biden unknowingly had classified documents in his possession from his time as vice president. According to the late night host, Trump’s hope for a raid is the clearest indication that he would “make an awful detective.”

On Monday, it was revealed that Biden’s team discovered 10 classified documents in a locked closet, while cleaning out his private office last fall. According to Biden, the documents were turned over to the National Archives the morning after they were found. It remains unclear what the documents were about. Later in the week, it was revealed that a second set of documents were found at a different location, which were also immediately turned over.

Meanwhile, late last year, it was discovered that twice-impeached former president Trump had taken hundreds of classified documents from his time in office to his Mar-A-Lago residence, and kept them in a room that was unlocked and to which several people had access. Those documents are only in the government’s possession now because the FBI seized them in a raid on Trump’s Florida resort, after months of trying to get him to return them voluntarily, which he refused.

Still, Trump and his supporters have called for the FBI to raid the White House in search of more, something Seth Meyers mocked on Wednesday night too. “The FBI doesn’t raid someone who’s already cooperating!” he said.

On Thursday, he picked apart the actual logic of Trump’s idea, saying “if there’s anywhere a classified document should be, it’s the White House.” So, the late night host figures that if the twice impeached former president had to actually handle a real case, it would not go well.

“Trump would make an awful detective,” Meyers mocked, once again breaking out his Trump impression to act out a possible scenario. “‘OK guys, now we just need to find some evidence, I say we raid the evidence locker. They’re all in bags, this is very suspicious. There’s labels! Everything’s in a bag.’”

Meyers went to move on, but thought of one more line Trump would probably utter as a detective, echoing using the same backwards logic. “‘There’s dead bodies in the morgue!’” the host mimicked. “‘Bad news. Call homicide, I opened up one of those drawers. I figured it out!’”

You can watch Meyers’s full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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