‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis ‘Memba Her?!


‘Milkshake’ Singer Kelis
‘Memba Her?!

1/13/2023 12:01 AM PT

New York City native and singer Kelis was just 23 years old when she went viral around the world with her 2003 hit song “Milkshake” — a song that has since been a dance jam and is still popular amongst all ages to this day!

The banger was part of her “Tasty” album and also featured songs “Millionaire” featuring Andre 3000 and “In Public” featuring her ex-husband Nas. “Milkshake” became even bigger in 2004 after it was featured in the movie “Mean Girls.”

Kelis has since stepped away from singing and is now living the farm life!

Guess what she looks like now!

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