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New Joker Comic Sees Clown Prince Getting Pregnant, Sparks Outrage


Los Angeles Daily Chronicle

Los Angeles Daily Chronicle
New DC Comic Sees Him Preggo …
Outrage Re: Trans Theory

1/7/2023 12:03 PM PT

The Joker gets pregnant in a new comic series they just rolled out — which is, expectedly, drawing some outrage and backlash among a certain demographic … can you guess who?

The latest story about the Clown Prince of Darkness comes from DC’s ‘The Man Who Stopped Laughing’ series, which explores different plots and subplots for the Joker … and some aren’t even canonical, including this one about him growing a baby bump.

So The Joker is pregnant in the current DC Comics… pic.twitter.com/bo7bTIVK5m

— Sir Doge of the Coin ⚔️ (@dogeofficialceo) January 5, 2023

It dropped a few days ago, and people immediately noticed that writer Matthew Rosenberg and cartoonist Carmine Di Giandomenico concocted a tale about Joker wanting an heir, but one that was of his DNA. So, he starts to pursue female super wizardress Zatanna.

Of course, she wants nothing to do with the Joker … so she casts a spell on him that guarantees no one else will ever bare his offspring, but it backfires — making it so Joker gives birth all by himself, via vomiting as readers eventually find out. Along the way, the comic strip depicts him with a huge belly and getting checked on gynecologically.

DC comics now has a pregnant Joker. pic.twitter.com/OV5beuw2qD

— Sandman MGTOW (@SandmanMGTOW) January 5, 2023

In the end, the Joker’s “baby” is a mutated version of himself … and they’re both enamored with one another. That’s about all there is to the entry, and yet — it’s caused a lot of feathers to be ruffled in conservative circles, per usual.

Some on Twitter are accusing DC of trying to push LGBT-friendly narratives onto their base … which they say has been going on for a while, through decisions like making Robin and Superman gay in some of their newer comics. Others, of course, saw that as progress.

Joker got pregnant and birth a son in a new DC comic lmao pic.twitter.com/G62BfXVslG

— drinkin (@drinkinrar) January 6, 2023

BTW, the word “trans” is never mentioned in this latest iteration … but that doesn’t seem to have clicked with this crowd. They see what they wanna see, and they see trans Joker.

Get those forehead veins throbbing, y’all.

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