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NFL Rumors: Derek Carr could hurt himself with decision-making

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Former Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr’s older brother, David, provided an update on his approach in free agency.

Derek Carr officially has a head start over all other quarterbacks set to hit free agency. That is because the Las Vegas Raiders released him from his contract on Feb. 14, one day prior to the deadline in which $40 million on his deal was guaranteed. With that, Carr is allowed to make visits with interested teams and ultimately make a decision on where he would be playing for next season and beyond.

For those NFL fans hoping that Carr would make a quick decision, you should probably pump the brakes on that talk.

During Monday’s edition of NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access,” Carr’s older brother and former Houston Texans quarterback, David, provided an update on the former Raiders signal caller’s free agency process. David said that it will be a “long process.”

“He wants to do his due diligence and see as many places as he can to get a feel for what the best place for him will be,” said David, h/t NFL.com.

NFL Rumors: David Carr says Derek Carr’s free agency will be ‘long process’

Carr has met with two teams so far, and they are the New Orleans Saints and New York Jets. Carr visited with the Saints prior to his release by the Raiders. While he did spend two days with the Saints, he turned down a trade there, which paved the way to become a free agent. But that doesn’t take the Saints out of the running.

Then, this past weekend, Carr met with the Jets. In fact, David said that Derek “hit it off” with Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

“He went there to get a feel for how they work from the top down,” David said,” h/t the New York Post. “Everyone he met, and we knew he would love Robert Saleh. I’ve known Robert for a while. He’s fantastic and they hit it off and they would love to work together.”

While Carr has a head start in free agency, it is interesting that he is taking his time. However, there are plenty of teams in need of a new quarterback. But when it comes to the biggest name that could be available this offseason, it’s Aaron Rodgers.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback has yet to make a decision on what he wants to do for the 2023 season. That includes if he wants to remain with the team that drafted him back in 2005, play somewhere else, or retire. Rodgers is already linked to two teams — the Jets and Raiders, Carr’s former team. But, there is no timeline as to when he will make his decision, even after he returns from his “darkness retreat.”

Rodgers is obviously the big domino to fall. When he does make his decision, then teams will pounce at the opportunity to sign the best quarterback available. Looking at the free agents available, Carr is at the top. That could result in a team offering him a huge deal.

So for fans hoping that a Carr decision is arriving soon, you may need to wait awhile.

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