OnePlus 11 Concept: First teaser for eye-catching LED-lit rear panel emerges

The 11 Concept. (Source: OnePlus)
The 11 Concept. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus’ next concept smartphone is slated to be unveiled during MWC 2023. The OEM has chosen to show its design off ahead of this event, however, revealing certain differences between it and the standard flagship 11 on which it is based. For a start, its camera hump and rear panel stand out with new integrated LED lighting.

OnePlus has done some hype-work for its upcoming MWC 2023 showcase, an event that will ostensibly revolve around its new 11 Concept device. As the company has now hinted, the prototype smartphone is capable of outshining its ‘normal’ counterpart in an least 1 potentially significant way.

The 11 Concept has now been revealed as one in which OnePlus’ current flagship Android device’s rear panel is outfitted with LED lighting – a lot of it. It mostly consists of a single strip that seems to start at 1 upper corner, snakes down to the opposite bottom corner, then twists in a heating element-like shape back up to the round rear camera hump, which also has an LED surround missing from the standard 11.

Whether these new and elaborate accents have functions besides countering the Nothing phone (1) or not remains to be seen. Then again, as even OnePlus‘ new teaser video (and its convection-circuit theme) hints, there may be other, possibly more practical, uses for the strips.

Otherwise, the OnePlus Concept 11’s camera hump also drops the stove-top look for an interesting, if erratic, lens lay-out that integrates some mystery modules, one of which could be for periscope zoom. Their functions will probably be outlined in full detail during the prototype’s formal late February 2023 debut.

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The 11 Concept's new augmentations should be visible under a layer of standard smartphone glass. (Source: OnePlus)
The 11 Concept’s new augmentations should be visible under a layer of standard smartphone glass. (Source: OnePlus)

Deirdre O’Donnell, 2023-02-20 (Update: 2023-02-20)

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