Poll: Has Musk Influenced Your Decision on Buying a Tesla?

Poll: Has Musk Influenced Your Decision on Buying a Tesla?

Their service centers treat you like you are gum on their shoe. I’ll never buy another one. If it was once, I’d allow it could be a fluke. But it is constant, and in multiple states. Even simple parts are like searching for teeth on hens. It has to be a deliberate plan from Elon Musk.

I don’t understand this, if this is referencing Plaid the payment company are they known to be particularly “hardcore” with employees? My only other assumption is the fabric pattern which can be considered “loud” by some

Musk has caused me some serious internal conflict. I never liked him and have long thought of him as a conman. His antics on Twitter have only elevated my distaste for the man. And yet, as someone injured by the vaccine, I can only be grateful for the more open discourse that has been enabled since the acquisition.

Ugly cars, kind of sporty yet also frumpy looking and the new front bumpers have always seemed unattractive to me. Clearly the automated driving features aren’t there yet, I like driving anyway so paying a heap for a car with features I’m not gonna use is a waste. More generally, seriously not a fan of Elon’s flippant nature. Having features turn off when you sell the car to someone else is not acceptable. I suspect that something will happen that will change the balance of how much you own the car even more in Tesla’s favor soon, and I’m not keen to be in line to test it.

Does National Socialist collaboration influence your opinion on wanting to buy a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, or Audi?

…or Ford (with two large factories in Berlin and Cologne during the Third Reich) and GM (back then owner of Opel)? Oh, and IBM/DEHOMAG or Disney products?

The difference is that Musk is running Tesla eight now and not a human lifetime ago…

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