Save 82% on a lifetime of guided meditation and sleep assistance


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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Plus Plan(opens in a new tab) is on sale for £56.49, saving you 82% on list price.

Your loved ones may not be able to leave all their stress at the door at Christmas, but you can still support them. This year, you could give someone the tools to help manage their stress and work towards a more positive mindset. is a collection of meditations, sleep tools, and living practices to help users navigate their mental health, and a lifetime plan is on sale for 82% off. 

Mindfulness(opens in a new tab) has more than 2,000 practices that may help anyone manage their stress. Try new meditations every day or see how different living practices can fit into a busy schedule. 

Whether you’re trying meditation for the first time or it’s already part of your daily routine, you might enjoy expert guidance from Mindfulness meditation professionals. And you can plan it all on your own schedule. Spend your lunch break finding your centre or relaxing between classes. 

Researchers at Harvard have found that calming exercises like meditation can help fight insomnia. Mindfulness gives users access to 100+ sleep tools like rainy night playlists, relaxing stories, and more. 

Between scheduling flights and hosting guests, Christmas is another type of stress, and may be able to help. You don’t have to wait for a box to be delivered if you’re getting a digital present — it’s the perfect last-minute gift. Show a loved one you care by giving them tools to process their stress all year. For a limited time, get a lifetime plan(opens in a new tab) for just £56.49. 

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