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Luxury home sales plunge, Miami and Hamptons hit hardest

Homes on Rivo Alto Island in Miami Beach, Florida, United States, on Wednesday February 1, 2023.Eva Marie Uzcategui | Bloomberg | ...

Luxury Handbag Maker Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against ‘MetaBirkin’ NFT Maker

The left image is a picture of a Birkin bag made by luxury brand Hermès. The right image is an NFT of the same bag but with an animal embryo growing inside created by MetaBirkin as part of an NFT collection.Image: Hermès Paris/MetaBirkinLook to your left, and see an image of a famed, extremely expensive

EXCLUSIVE: Luxury Bag Designer Accused Of Swindling Black Investors Out Of...

Luxury handbag designer Isaac Moore is known for his upscale handbag unboxings among celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Jim Jones, and Trina. However, the luxury designer is now being called out for scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars from Black investors. Victims Come Forward After Doing Business With Moore, Who Calls Accusations Completely False Successful Black