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The best Rimowa luggage in 2023

The best Rimowa luggage in 2023
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Rimowa luggage isn’t cheap. However, consider starting 2023 by splurging on one their luxury suitcases — like one of these top picks — an investment in your future travels backed by a lifetime warranty. Here’s what you need to know about the brand and it’s most popular lines of luggage.

Top products in this article:

Rimowa Original, $1,325 and up

Rimowa Essential, $875 and up

Rimowa Hybrid, $1,000 and up

Rimowa pioneered the aluminum luggage trend, introducing them to the market in the 1930s. The company unveiled the very first polycarbonate suitcase in 2000, eventually adding a hybrid of the two materials to its collection. All of Rimowa’s designs feature its trademark grooves, inspired by the first all-metal airplane. 

Aside from its quality materials and construction, one of the greatest benefits of buying a piece of Rimowa luggage is peace of mind. The brand recently added a lifetime guarantee on all new suitcases, covering all functional aspects (but excluding wear and tear). Rimowa also offers in-store repairs and even in-hotel repairs at participating international locations. 

Rimowa suitcases come in a lot of shapes and sizes, materials and colors. Size and color combinations vary per collection, but most come in a few cabin (carry-on) and checked luggage options. There is also a trunk, an extra large piece of luggage designed for trips two weeks or more. 

What’s new from Rimowa in 2023? The brand recently launched a new colorway for the Essential Lite, ivory beige. It’s a creamy white polycarbonate.

The best Rimowa luggage in 2023

We rounded up the top Rimowa aluminum, polycarbonate and hybrid suitcases of 2023. Or, shop the entire collection here

Rimowa Original


One of the most iconic suitcases of all time, the Rimowa Original needs no introduction. Engineered in Germany out of top-of-the-line aluminum, the grooved suitcase is equipped with everything you need for holiday travel. Features include TSA-approved locks, a flex divider for organized packing, a telescopic handle and a smooth, multi-wheel system. While the surprisingly lightweight suitcase (the smallest carry-on weighs 9.3 pounds) might be a splurge, consider it an investment in a long-term travel buddy. Available in three carry-on sizes, two check-in and a large trunk version in titanium, silver and black. 

Rimowa Original, $1,325 and up

Rimowa Classic Check-In


The Rimowa classic looks very similar to the Original but with a few tweaks. The primary difference is that the handles are wrapped in premium leather. Other features, including the TSA-approved locks and spinner wheels, skew a little more retro. It comes in silver and black and in three carry-on sizes, two check-in and a trunk size as well. 

Rimowa Classic, $1,400 and up

Rimowa Hybrid


Engineered of both aluminum-magnesium alloy and lightweight polycarbonate, this cleverly crafted suitcase offers the trademark grooved aluminum look, minus a pound and a few hundred dollars. The smallest carry-on weighs 8.2 pounds and comes in a few color options (matte blue, matte black and a glossy white) and two carry-on and check-in sizes. 

Rimowa Hybrid, $1,000 and up

Rimowa Essential


The first polycarbonate to hit the market in 2000, the Rimowa Essential remains one of the brand’s best-selling collections. Available in a bunch of glossy and matte color options in a carry-on, check-in and trunk version, the sleek suitcase comes equipped with a TSA-approved lock, telescopic handle and smooth, multiwheel system with a weight of 7.1 pounds and up. 

Rimowa Essential, $875 and up

Rimowa Essential Lite


If the Rimowa Essential isn’t light enough, consider getting the lightest Rimowa suitcase, the Essential Lite, weighing 30% less and costing a few hundred dollars less as well. It comes in glossy black or green, and in three carry-on and one checked size, with the smallest weighing just 4.6 pounds. 

Rimowa Essential Lite, $675 and up

Rimowa Essential Sleeve


The Essential Sleeve is a carry-on collection designed for the tech-savvy traveler. Think of the smallest option, the compact, as wheeled briefcase that transforms into an overnight bag, perfect for daily commuters and short trips. Stash your computer and electronics in the external and interior laptop compartments. Remove the interior accordion to transform the briefcase into a carry-on for personal items and clothing. Larger sizes offer more interior space and are equipped with laptop compartments, making them a better option for traveling for more than a night or two. 

Rimowa Essential Sleeve, $1,025 and up

The best Rimowa accessories in 2023

Aside from luggage, Rimowa also makes stylish and useful accessories, complete with trademark grooves. 

Rimowa Aluminum Cross Body Bag


Yes, Rimowa makes a designer bag. Crafted from grooved aluminum to keep your personal items protect3ed, this cross-body style features two open compartments, a zipped pocket and 3 card slots. Available in silver, quartz pink and black. Also available in polycarbonate,

Rimowa Aluminum Cross Body Bag, $1,575

Rimowa Polycarbonate Cross Body Bag, $1,275

Rimowa Never Still Vertical Tote


Made in Italy out of canvas and full-grain leather, this gorgeous tote makes a great everyday bag and functional travel bag as well. The roomy bag also features a large exterior leather grooved pocket for your laptop, phone and passport.

Rimowa Never Still Vertical Tote, $1,125

Rimowa aluminum case for iPhone


Upgrade their Apple iPhone case with Rimowa grooves. Available for the iPhone 12 Mini up to the latest iPhone 14, this gorgeous, durable case offers premium protection and remains lightweight, like Rimowa luggage. 

Rimowa aluminum case for iPhone 14 Pro Max, $135 and up

Rimowa AirPods case


Elevate the look of their Apple AirPods with a Rimowa grooved case. Available in matte black for AirPods 1 and 2 and Pro versions. 

Rimowa AirPods case, $105

Why is Rimowa luggage expensive?

Why do Rimowa suitcases cost so much more than the competition? Engineered in Germany and primarily manufactured in a factory outside of Toronto, the brand prides itself on using only the finest materials. 

Rimowa recently opened up their Toronto, Canada factory, giving CBS Essentials an inside look into how each piece of their luxury luggage collection is assembled. Each piece takes over two hours to make from start to finish. While most of the components are machine made, the bags require human hands to carefully assemble them. After assembly, each Rimowa individually tests every piece of luggage to ensure quality control.

For aluminum suitcases, Rimowa uses a high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy metal. This material is so durable that pieces of Rimowa luggage have survived everything from plane crashes to tornados with barely a dent.

Rimowa polycarbonate luggage, meanwhile, uses the highest grade, high-grade pure poly. If you bend a piece of Rimowa polycarbonate, it immediately bounces back and holds its form without cracking or denting. 

Rimowa’s bags also come equipped with finely tuned components, including patented multi-wheel spinners, which make rolling through the airport or cobblestone streets a breeze, and handles engineered to work in unison with the wheels.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of receiving the merchandise for full reimbursement or exchange, provided the merchandise is complete, unused and undamaged, except where indicated for certain special promotions.

All new suitcases purchased from July 25, 2022 come with a  lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, covering all functional aspects. An other damage, including cosmetic wear and tear, misuse or abuse, damages caused by negligence or accident by any third party, particularly flight or transport damages, may be repaired for an additional fee. 

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