The Soul of Blackleaf brings analog visualization to your music experience


File this one under style over substance, but damn if these speakers don’t pack a whole lot of style into a small container. Under the amazing name Soul of Blackleaf, these stylish speakers use a magnetic fluid to visualize your music as its plays.

“This basically a Bluetooth speaker that we combined with the visual effects. We have our own patented sound detection technology, and every time you play a song, we create patterns based on the music. It is customized every time, giving a different visualization every time,” explains Chris Lam, the founder of the company making the speakers. “We started making this in Taiwan and are now starting mass production for the overseas markets.”

The Soul of Blackleaf speaker looks like it is cast in concrete. The visualization adds a beautiful, eye-catching focal point to the experience. Image credit: Haje Kamps / TechCrunch

The $400 Bluetooth speaker might not be the best-sounding speaker we’ve heard at CES in Las Vegas this year, but it’s certainly one of the most stylish.

“I love music. There are so many Bluetooth speakers on the market, and We wanted to make something different. With the Soul of Blackleaf, you can watch and feel the music,” Lam concludes.

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