The Switch was made for gaming on the go — these are the best cases for the handheld console


Your Switch must be protected at all costs.

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Ever since the Nintendo Switch hit the scene, it has remained a dominant piece of hardware in the games space. It’s sold gangbusters, and it’s already seen three different iterations of itself (with more versions likely on the horizon).

Beloved for killer first-party titles and effortless portability, it has been able to satisfy even the pickiest of gamers. The Switch truly has something to offer everyone, so it’s no wonder why everyone wants one.

That portability we mentioned is the true star of the show. The Nintendo Switch is meant to be taken on the go, whether you’re catching the subway, sitting in a park, or flying across the globe. That also means you’re going to need a case to protect your precious handheld console — unless you want to be reckless and chuck it in your bag, praying that it doesn’t get scratched as it jostles around. (Not something we recommend).

So before you set off on your next commute or big trip, pick up a carrying case and ensure your Switch’s safety for the duration of your journey. Below, our favorite Nintendo Switch cases that you can get right now.

Best Overall Choice


  • Compartments: 4 fitted spaces, 1 zippered pocket on the back
  • Shoulder strap: Yes

Washington-based PowerA is one of biggest accessory manufacturers in gaming, with products available on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC through every possible retailer. And when it comes to the Switch, they haven’t skimped on quality.

The Everywhere Messenger Bag(Opens in a new tab) is one of the bigger means of transporting your Switch, games, and any additional accessories you have for it. The shoulder-slung bag allows you to pack a lot, from controllers to the charging/video dock, and transport it in one case. There’s also the added bonus of a small, hard shell zippered case for the Switch itself, which turns this bag into a great two-for-one deal.

Best For Serious Travelers


  • Compartments: 6 cutout spaces for console, 16 game card slots, 1 zippered space
  • Shoulder strap: Yes

If a messenger bag doesn’t float your boat, there are plenty of other larger options available. The sturdiest, most heavy-duty of the bunch is the Smatree Hard CaseN600(Opens in a new tab). Do a ton of traveling and need to slog your gear through security at the airport? This is the bag you want.

Much like the messenger bag, the N600 is capable of transporting every Switch component and accessory you might have, including a Pro Controller. Spaces cut out of the padding create specific compartments for your system and all the corresponding gear, while a strap makes it easy to carry as you juggle the rest of your luggage. Pop it in the overhead bin and relax — the sturdy build of this case means you won’t have to worry about things shifting around or your precious controllers getting scratched.

Best Small Travel Case


  • Compartments: 1 secure space for tablet, 20 game card slots, 1 ziplock space
  • Shoulder strap: No

The aforementioned cases are great if you’re looking to take every last accessory for the Switch with you everywhere you go, but sometimes you just can’t. Or maybe you don’t like the overall size and just want something smaller that takes care of the Switch tablet only. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of options that can fit those needs.

The Daydayup case(Opens in a new tab) is one such case, and it’s super affordable. At first glance, it might not stack up to the larger bags and cases, but it’s able to strike a nice balance between size and function. While it won’t transport the dock and every cable you might need, you’ll always have the essentials, like extra Joy-Con controllers and cables. It doesn’t skimp on the games space either — it can hold up to 20.

Best For Durability


  • Display stand: No
  • Colors: Black, blue, green, red

While a dockable case is good in its own right, sometimes you may want something a little more durable. The trick becomes finding a case with that durability that doesn’t restrict use, which can sometimes be a problem.

Luckily, the Mumba case(Opens in a new tab) checks off both boxes, with a more durable snap-on case that doesn’t limit the use of your Switch. This is purely to protect against general wear and tear in hopes of keeping your precious Switch looking as good as the day you unboxed it. But that doesn’t make it any less valuable. The rubberized body makes it more durable when it comes to potential drops and body damage, and at less than $20, it’s a total steal.

Best For The Daily Commute


  • Compartments: 1 cutout for tablet, 8 game card slots
  • Shoulder strap: No

The AmazonBasics vault case(Opens in a new tab) is about as simple as it gets, providing a no-frills means of transporting your Switch handheld, as well as a handful of games. It may not look like much, but it’ll satisfy the needs of people who don’t require a messenger bag or portable charger with their Switch. This is simply a structured way to take your gaming habits with you on the go. That being said, the hard shell case offers an extra level of protection for the system, and foam shell cutouts keep things stable inside. Though it may not be great for extended trips, it’s an excellent setup for your daily commute.

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