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The Wedding Haircut Trend Has Brides Chopping Off Their Hair Halfway Through the Big Day


The dress, the venue, the vows*…*weddings are meant to memorable. But when it comes to beauty, the “wedding haircut” or “wedding chop” that’s currently trending on TikTok is making damn sure that the bride’s glow-up makes a lasting statement.

It’s not uncommon for brides to change into a second outfit between the ceremony and reception, but the wedding haircut trend, which currently has over 35 million views on TikTok, has newlyweds slicing off their hair halfway through the day to change the entire vibe of their look.

If you’re brave enough, we love it. For indecisive brides unsure of whether to keep their hair long or go short when it comes to their wedding hairstyle, it offers the best of both. And, since we often see brides growing out their hair for their wedding, then desperate to cut it off ASAP afterwards, incorporating it into the day can make an even more special moment out of a big chop.

Plus, we love the styling opportunities a new cut offers up. You could always swap the veil out for a statement bow or delicate accessories.

One video with 2.7 million likes comes from a bride named Aria, who upload a video with the caption, “Some ppl change their outfit during their wedding… Me? Well… My brother’s mother-in-law is a hair dresser… And we had 30 min to complete the look. And my (now) husband had no idea 😂. I did both.” In the clip she cut her long chest-length hair to an above-the-shoulder bob

And people are coming out in support in the comments. “I want to be this extra,” one user wrote. Another wrote, “iconic.” And another pointed out the sweet symbolism of the moment, writing, “I love it!! Very signifying of new beginnings!”

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