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Trump Does Not React Well to Prosecutor Declaring He Should Be Indicted Immediately


In February 2022, a pair of prosecutors investigating Donald Trump for the Manhattan district attorney’s office abruptly resigned over reported frustration that new DA Alvin Bragg had doubts about taking the case against the ex-president to court. At the time, one of those prosecutors, Mark Pomerantz, wrote a resignation letter expressing said frustration, which apparently stemmed primarily from the fact that, in his professional opinion, the former president was and is guilty as s–t.  “The team that has been investigating Mr. Trump harbors no doubt about whether he committed crimes—he did,” Pomerantz wrote. And one year later, he believes that more than ever.

In an interview with 60 Minutes ahead of the release of his book, People vs. Donald Trump, Pomerantz told CBS News’ Bill Whitaker: “If you take the exact same conduct—and make it not about Donald Trump and not about a former president of the United States, would the case have been indicted? It would have been indicted in a flat second.”

Pomerantz also compared Trump to a reputed mob boss, reportedly writing in the book, of Trump: “He demanded absolute loyalty and would go after anyone who crossed him. He seemed always to stay one step ahead of the law…. In my career as a lawyer, I had encountered only one other person who touched all of these bases: John Gotti, the head of the Gambino organized crime family.”

Anyway, Trump has apparently been keeping tabs on Pomerantz and has taken his remarks in characteristic stride, by which we mean has had a full-on social media meltdown, writing on Truth Social:

Wow, the book just put out by Crooked Hillary Clinton’s attorney, Mark Pomerantz, is turning out to be a hit on the District Attorney and the “weak” case “with many fatal flaws.” Prosecutors in the D.A.’s Office actually quit in protest in that they thought it was “irresponsible” and very “unfair” to “President Trump.”They also felt they didn’t want to rely on a SleazeBag disbarred Lawyer From Hell like Michael Cohen as a witness. IN OTHER WORDS, THEY THOUGHT THE CASE WAS TERRIBLE – A LOSER!

And later:

The 60 Minutes “hit job” doesn’t say that the Financial Statements have a powerful & complete “Disclaimer Clause,” that the properties & assets are generally worth far more today than they were in the financial statement, that the most valuable asset is not even listed in the statement, that lawyer Mark Pomerantz & his law firm were Clinton’s lawyers who then went to work for the D.A. to “get Trump,” that Pomerantz & his antics make it impossible for me to be treated fairly, & NOBODY WAS HURT!

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