Watch Supermodel Kristen McMenamy Fall on the Valentino Runway and Throw Her Heels

You can see the moment she tossed the offending heels in a TikTok video, which has been viewed more than 2 million times. As one user commented, “You know what tho she did a good job [because] we’re all talking about the Valentino show.” All press is good press and all that.

In a cheeky nod to the viral moment, Kristen McMenamy later shared a stunning backstage photo on Instagram, which she captioned, “Before the Fall.” The image earned over 15,000 likes and kudos from designer Marc Jacobs, who replied, “Be still my heart. Breathtaking.”

Another fan replied, “It was refreshing to see someone be like ‘actually no, fuck this!’ on a catwalk 👏.”

The comments section pretty much agreed that McMenamy displayed “queen behavior” on the runway. As one user wrote, “Queens fall, then get back up and throw away the shoes.”

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