2023 Certification Revalidation of Coaches launching February 1


As part of its commitment to continual learning and development, the World Triathlon has developed a process that supports and encourages coaches to maintain their learning and development. The Certification Revalidation of Coaches (CRoC) Scheme has been introduced in 2018. World Triathlon is launching the 2023 Certification Revalidation of Coaches (CRoC) on 1 February 2023.

The purpose of the scheme is to encourage and enable the continued development of coaches and to ensure they remain up to date with best practice and guidelines to further enhance the quality, safety and welfare of triathlon coaching worldwide and enhance the further development of the sport. It also provides World Triathlon with a way of assessing the engagement of coaches in best practice.

This is the opportunity for World Triathlon-certified coaches to maintain their certifications and earn their 2023 Certified Coach badges. All Certified Coaches were also receiving a notification from World Triathlon on the opening of the process through the Education & Knowledge HUB. On this platform, National Federations have the opportunity to check and monitor the progress of their coaches.

World Triathlon is committed to supporting the development of Triathlon worldwide and actively pursues this approach in several development initiatives. Many initiatives, such as this, form the foundations upon which National Federations, particularly developing and emerging federations, can build an athlete development pipeline – a key element of any long-term strategy. Without such a pipeline, there will not be a growth in participation to develop the wider sport and significantly less chance of developing high-performing athletes. Find out more about World Triathlon Development initiatives.

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