Ask HN: What good sources of information on ovarian cancer treatments?


As fabiancook mentions, credible sources all end up on pubmed within a year or two of publication, so it’s an excellent resource.

That said, Pubmed is an aggregator, not a curator. So you’ll find a fair amount of crap there too. Also, there are ~600 results per year related to ovarian cancer, which is likely too much to meaningfully sift through.

The things that come to mind for me are:

– Try to get second, third, fourth opinions from well regarded oncologists at well regarded hospitals, ideally who specialize in ovarian cancer. There is a pretty big gap, especially in cancer treatment, between those who keep up with the latest recommendations, and those who use “still ok” recommendations from 5-10-20-30 years ago

– ASCO is the major scientific conference for oncologists. In terms of understanding what is cutting edge, looking through their material is useful. I would suggest reading what has been presented at ASCO and then taking that to your doctors / second opinions.

– If there are specific biomarkers associated with her cancer, understand those, and make sure you understand if there are latest recommendations specific to those biomarkers. These are the types of specific case information that a generalist oncologist might miss (e.g.

– Another place you might be able to complement / compensate your oncologist’s care is understanding options for “cancer support” (chemotherapy support as fabian says). Basically, the faster you can recover between treatment sessions, the more drug you can be given faster, and the more cancer gets killed. Oncologists are often (but not always) more up to date with the latest chemo/immuno/surgery/radiological interventions than with the options for chemo support.

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