Derrick Lewis’ Curiosity Towards Ronda Rousey in Front of UFC Hall of Famer Draws Hilarious Reactions


UFC fighters look ruthless and menacing while they are inside the octagon. Fans are often interested in knowing how their favorite stars are in their life out of the cage. Heavyweight rank #7 Derrick Lewis showed his softer side in a recent conversation with Daniel Cormier. The innocent little conversation has left fans in splits and fans are even asking the duo to start a podcast together. Daniel Cormier told Lewis about an interview he had with former UFC fighter, Ronda Rousey. In response, Lewis wanted to know if Rousey asked about him and wanted to keep it off the record, despite being in front of cameras.


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Daniel Cormier was quick to point out to Lewis that it wasn’t an off-the-record conversation as he was in front of three cameras. Fans have reacted to the video. The comments show how funny and hilarious fans thought the duo’s conversation was.

Fans find Daniel Cormier and Derrick Lewis’s conversation hilarious

Fans found the little conversation between DC and Lewis very funny. A user said, “Derrick needs a podcast”.

Another user wanted them to work together. The user wrote, “They need a show together”.

A fan said, “Off the record with 3 cameras is crazy”, referring to Lewis wanting his question about ‘The Arm Collector’ to be off the record.  

Fans also found Lewis‘s comments about his marriage, A fan commented, “Bro is entertainment”.

Another fan said, Watched this video like 100 times, and still makes me laugh”.

A fan compared Hollywood actor Adam Sandler with Lewis.

He commented, “Reminds me of dude from the Adam Sandler football prison movie, talkin about the “ tree outs” “


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Derrick Lewis to start his 2023 campaign

Derrick Lewis will soon be seen in action. UFC Fight Night 218 will see Lewis fight Sergey Spivak. ‘The Black Beast’ is all set to fight the ‘Polar bear’ from Moldova. The 27-year-old is on a two-win streak and Lewis will be very eager to break that. Lewis himself is coming out of consecutive losses.

Fans have seen the funny side of the Heavyweight and will be excited to see how he fares in the ring when he fights for the first time in 2023. Who do you think will win that fight, ‘The Black Beast’ or ‘Polar Bear’?


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